Okinawa: 100,000 Protest U.S. Military Base

Okinawa: 100,000 Protest U.S. Military Base

The Asia-Pacific region encompasses an entire hemisphere: 8,000 miles across the Pacific, 55 countries, 60% of global population, and a majority of the planet’s remaining resources. Yet even the most shocking events in the region receive little attention from media in the United States. Recent actions and policy shifts by the U.S., China, Russia, Japan, Korea and other Pacific nations—economic, military, trade, environment—have created profound negative effects for the peoples and the geo-politics of the Asia-Pacific region and ultimately the whole world. In many places, mass resistance movements are underway.


The U.S. role in the Asia-Pacific has been especially problematic. Led by a panoply of new policies that President Obama labels, “The Pacific Pivot,” the U.S. is rapidly advancing U.S. military deployments (more than 400 U.S. bases now in the Pacific) as well as corporate trade intrusions, and massive resource raiding. And, an ever-more dangerous battle is emerging among the U.S., China and other great powers over trade, ocean and island resources, and economic and military domination of the 8,000 mile region.



Indigenous lands are being rapidly deforested
in Papua, New Guinea, for timber and palm oil
plantations, servicing U.S. companies.

In June, 2013, IFG co-hosted MOANA NUI, a giant public Teach-In featuring 50 speakers from across the Pacific. They reported on the wide range of challenges now exploding throughout the region without sufficient public awareness or attention.
What is Moana Nui?
Moana Nui 2013 Poster (pdf)
Speaker Bios
Speaker Videos


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