Dispatches from Jeju

Koohan Paik is reporting this month from Jeju, South Korea, where an horrendous military base construction—for the eventual use of the U.S. missile-carrying fleets, aimed at China—is underway. The base development is destroying a magnificent coral reef, very rare wildlife species, and a wonderful traditional community of farmers and oyster-fishers. The U.S. already has more than 400 bases in the Pacific.

Click on the dates below to read entries from her trip.

  • Dispatch #3, 06/14/2012
    “The philosopher and food critic, Epicurus, once said that the city of Siracusa, in Sicily, had the best food in all the world. But Epicurus had not visited Gangjeong Village, on Jeju Island, Korea…”
  • Dispatch #2, 06/12/2012
    “Cops restrained the protestors so that the trucks, one after another, could leave. A man quickly dove under the front tires of the fourth truck that lurched and screeched to avoid killing him…”
  • Dispatch #1, 06/10/2012
    “Gangjeong is a much prettier village than what I thought it would be, even after scrutinzing many photos on the internet and Facebook. But I was shocked when I took a walk down the hill to visit the sea, and saw the military construction site…”

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