Moana Nui 2011

Our new Asia-Pacific resistance movement was launched in November 2011 as
co-producer of Moana Nui 2011, Honolulu, three days of public events (and
marches) in opposition to the APEC/TPP trade agreement meeting of 21 heads
 of state as they worked to divvy up the resources and lands of the region. Our teach-in presented 80 scholars, activists, policy analysts, lawyers, labor union leaders, cultural practitioners, and artists traveled from 30 
Pacific Rim and Pacific Island nations who argued against APEC and TPP, as well as ongoing militarism and colonialism in the Pacific, environmental devastation, and in behalf of indigenous rights. Participants proclaimed they’d never seen an event with as many diverse cultures, nations and peoples focused on the Pacific, and the urgent need to generate a new movement.

This is just the beginning. Watch for announcements of upcoming public events in San Francisco and the Pacific during 2012.

Walden Bello – Keynote from Imi Pono on Vimeo.
Victoria Tauli-Corpuz from Imi Pono on Vimeo.
Anuradha Mittal from Imi Pono on Vimeo.
Walter Ritte from Imi Pono onVimeo.

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  4. kia ora to our brothers and sisters of the kingdom of hawaii, stay strong east coast Maori stand with you all.

  5. I want to be included in your mailing list.

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