Day 1

5339 Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu, HI 96821
8:30am – 6:00pm

EKAHI – DAY ONE (invitation only or by request) is being organized by Pacific Islander cultural practitioners, scholars, and environmental and social activists, and is intended to provide a voice for Pacific Islanders and set a direction for their economies in an era of powerful transnational corporations, global industrial expansion, and climate change.

“We seek to establish a Pacific People’s sustainable economic and environmental model that is based upon indigenous and environmental advocacy, localization, and respect for our regional bio-diversity.”

Keynote: Kaleikoa Kaeo

We want to work with various partner groups emphasizing: Food sovereignty/security; Health; Education; Housing; Energy; Social Justice: Prison, Family, Immigration; Labor; Environmental Justice; Farm; Fisheries; etc.

Guidelines for selecting coalitions
1) Developing localized economic strategies
2) Indigenous stewardship of our lands and resources
3) Strategies for coping with climate change
4) Demilitarization of the Pacific
5) Solidarity for Pacific Island People’s struggle for self-determination.

Participation in Day One will be closed to the general public, but media and non-Pacific Islander Moana Nui conference participants will be welcomed as observers. This private session is organized in the style of an Open Forum and will issue a challenge to Pacific Island peoples and other indigenous communities to look for cooperative ways to strengthen subsistence and to protect cultural properties and natural resources. We aim to call public attention to the critical importance of maintaining sound and productive local economies in the Pacific Islands both for their own sake and food security in the world.

The purpose of this private open forum will begin to draft Working Guidelines that will frame a pathway towards a Moana Nui Declaration.

“Throughout all three days, participants will collectively draft working guidelines in anticipation of follow-up meetings that will provide the foundation for statements about our economic and environmental security.”




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